Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finding Great Keywords

Finding one or more perfect keyword phrases for the shop title, section names and item listings is one of the most important steps in the SEO process. 

Most of us tend to think like the seller or the person who created the item instead of like a buyer. This perspective is very limiting and can keep us from finding better and better keywords. Using great keywords that shoppers would use does bring in more views.

One of the Arts and Crafts I discovered on Etsy is Felting. I would never have thought to look for a "felted scarf" or "felted gloves" if I was looking for a scarf or gloves. But I loved the look of felted scarves and gloves when I saw them. There are not many searches for "felted scarf" or "felted gloves." How does a seller of felted items bring in more views to be seen by more shoppers?

Here is one way:
One of the ways to expand views is to find related keywords that are more popular. Most felted scarves are made of either wood or silk. There are many searches for "wool scarves" and "silk scarves" and adding these keyword phrases to the listings and other places in the shop will bring in more views,.

Brainstorming for keywords is a great way to look at your work in new and fresh ways.  Ask family, friends and co-workers to help you find words that describe the items you are selling.  Ask for an Etsy SEO Review on the   Etsy SEO Review Team and you should receive many new ideas from the other team members  

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